Michael Jackson Is Dead

I was horrified to learn of Michael Jackson's death. He changed the world. His demise in recent years will be something everyone regrets dwelling on one day. There has been no final cause of death released as of this moment. I do suspect a combination of strong opiates and benzos played a major role in his death.

(This will be my last post on this site. My life with my son is my primary focus. Thank you all who have supported me over the years, even in my absence. May you all find the peace and love that you all deserve. - Mio)


All Your Barack Are Belong To Us

Presidential Nominee Barack Obama became President Elect last night. With potential to change the world good or bad we can only wait and watch now as more history unveils itself. Below are a few things Obama has suggested doing when he gets in the White House.

Health care -- Obama has made it clear that expanding health-care coverage to the uninsured would be at the top of his domestic agenda. It's a longtime Democratic priority. Clinton, with the help of then-first lady Hillary Clinton, pushed it hard in 1993. An emboldened Republican minority called the plan too costly and too heavy-handed and defeated it. This time around -- with a more modest plan and a bigger Democratic majority -- Democrats believe they can get it done.

Taxes -- Most of the tax cuts that Bush signed into law expire in the next two years. For now, the era of across-the-board tax cuts is over. Obama will seek to replace them with a mix of tax cuts for the middle class and tax hikes on businesses and individuals with incomes of more than $200,000 a year.

The Iraq War -- Democrats have been stymied in repeated efforts to force a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. Now they will have the votes to force the issue and a president who has promised to withdraw all combat troops within 16 months. If Obama backs away from that promise, anti-war Democrats may have the votes to force the issue.


Large Hadron Collider "Actually Worked"

The world's largest atom smasher's first experiment went off today without a hitch, paving the way toward the recreation of post-big bang conditions. The Large Hadron Collider fired a beam of protons inside a circular, 17-mile (27-kilometer) long tunnel underneath villages and cow pastures at the French-Swiss border.


How to access a PIN locked iPhone

The current PIN security in iPhone 2.0.2 is flawed. If you have used the "Favorites" feature in the phone, it is possible to break into the phone.

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Press the Home button to wake up the iPhone.
  2. Slide to unlock
  3. Click the "Emergency Call" button on the bottom left
  4. Press the "Home" button two times fast. Your Favorites list will show up.
  5. Click on the ">" circle of a contact that has an email address tied to it
  6. Hit the email address to create a new email.
  7. "Cancel" the new email.
  8. You are now in the users Exchange mailbox, without knowing their PIN to unlock the phone.


Lifted Music Podcast 11

01. Spor - Stoppit
02. Noisia - Diplodocus
03. Ewun, Evol Intent & Dieselboy - Midnight Express
04. Keaton & Hive - The Plague (Hive 2008 Remix)
05. Isotone - Trip
06. Apex - Same Old Blues
07. Subfocus - Join The Dots
08. Ewun, Evol Intent & Upbeats - Smash
09. Spor - Claret's March
10. Influx Datum - Back For More
11. Upbeats -- Troglodyte
12. State Of Mind & Upbeats - Animal
13. Apex - By The Way