Jakobs ladder by task horizon
brickbeats by spor
unnamed by robby t
spiderman by chase and status
the ark by kaiser
back and forth by chris su
peanut? by sporophyte and tactile
revolution dub by basic operations
ethnic cleanse by enimatek
final chapter 2004 by trace
heureka by skc and chemairbag?
comin4u by arqer and realtime
massada by noisia
dangerous love by kiko
? by seneca
feel for you by task horizon
delerium tremens by think tank
something from wormhole by ed rush and optical
crack attack by strabo
chronic suspension by acucrack
unknown ghost by doc scott
struggle by chris su and skc
beep by arqer and strabo
forgot the name (sorry mang) by arqer
nazgul by kaiser
in my brain vip by trace and tactile
? by tactile?
champion sound vip by total science
? by kontrol
diapor rash by gremlinz and stranjah
? by basic operations
? by strabo
iguana bites by arqer and strabo



DOA - Nerve 2004 audio



Knick Evol Intent may june MIX

01 - Horns and Halos - Evol Intent
02 - 44 Calibre Killer - Raiden
03 - Real World - Bkey
04 - Darkness - Rawthang
05 - Devil's Chimney - Exile
06 - 6 Foot Ditch - Raiden (Kryptic Minds rmx)
07 - Life of Sin - Tech Itch
08 - 20/20 - Future Cut (Chase & Status rmx)
09 - Moulin Rouge - Dom & Kemal (Dieselboy, Kaos & Karl K rmx)
10 - I Am Ready - Counterstrike
11 - Release Me - Optiv featuring Black Sun Empire
12 - Africanism - CounterStrike
13 - The Mob - Resonant Evil
14 - Stand Off - Chase & Status

Knick Evol Intent may june MIX


4.5hrs equinox live (some parts are shite quality...)

Arqer & Realtime - Believe Video (Nerve 14)

01. panacea - found a lover - unreleased (position chrome)
02. burner bros. - global killer - magic vinyl
03. black sun empire - driving insane - black sun empire
04. dj g-i-s - how it started (bad matter remix) - unsigned
05. belladonna killz - kill belladonnaz (panacea remix) - unreleased (position chrome)
06. bad matter - soul on fire - unsigned
07. evol intent - death row - outbreak
08. kid kryptic - scornful behavior - unsigned
09. gigantor - the haunting - unsigned
10. lettuce - the lost paradise (dj g-i-s remix) - intransigent rec.
11. the enemy - tear it out - unreleased (nemcron)
12. pish posh & chris young - angels cry (future prophecies remix) - magic vinyl
13. panacea - master of shock - unreleased (position chrome)
14. damage - contract killer (evol intent remix) - unreleased (damaged minds)
15. dj g-i-s & norman wax - steck der zeiten - intransigent rec.
16. dj g-i-s - back 2 the oldskool (kid kryptic remix) - unsigned
17. kid kryptic - mental anguish (vip) - unsigned
18. coresplittaz - meteor (dj g-i-s remix) - unsigned
19. panacea & dose d - schwarze puppen - unreleased (intransigent rec.)


supaset tracklist



The Geometry of Sound

A man by the name of Paul Umbanhowar did some interesting experiments at the University of Texas in the late 90's.

To paraphrase his findings, Umbanhowar placed tiny brass balls on a flat plate, than oscillated them with acoustic waves. As he increased the frequency of the tones, the balls started to organize themselves into patterns. At first the patterns resembled small atoms, then as he increased frequency they started to look like a complex molecule then at even higher frequency the balls started to form shapes like protozoan organisms.


This is a concept that was formulated in 1787 by Ernst Chladni who used a violin bow which he drew perpendicularly across the edge of flat plates covered with sand, he produced those patterns and shapes which today go by the term Chladni figures.

This evenutally evolved into what is known as Cymatics. Through cymatics, a plate or membrane lined with sand, powder, iron filings or any other fine substance was vibrated at a particular tone, and depending on the tone or frequency, various geometrical shapes would form in the medium.

At one particular tone, the mantra of "OM" was sounded using the human voice, remarkably, the cymatic interpretation created a pattern that had a figure in the middle that looked strikingly like the "OM" symbol.

Here are some links to check out, and a cool picture to show you what I mean.


from http://www.healingsounds.com/articles :

"Many years ago, this wonderful Swiss doctor named Dr. Hans Jenny did these experiments, which he called “Cymatics” which is Greek for waveform (since sound travels as a wave). He took plastics, pastes, liquids, etc. and put them on a metal plate that he resonated with sound. These different substances would vibrate with the sound and create the most extraordinary shapes. Sometimes these inorganic substances would look like underwater lifeforms, or some microscopic organism. It’s quite extraordinary and makes you understand about the power of “The Word” that the ancients always talk about—that original creative sound. Now, Jenny found that even slight variances in the frequencies that he was using would create differences in the shapes and forms and these substances. The actual frequencies are very important."

from another helpful person:

the following from http://www.cymaticsource.com

John Beaulieu, American polarity and music therapist. In his book Music and Sound in the Healing Arts,he draws a comparison between his own three-part structure, which in many respects resembles Jenny´s, and the conclusions researchers working with subatomic particles have reached.

"There is a similarity between cymatic pictures and quantum particles. In both cases that which appeares to be a solid form is also a wave. They are both created and simultaneously organized by the principle of pulse (Read:principle of vibration). This is the great mystery with sound: there is no solidity! A form that appears solid is actually created by a underlying vibration."

Cathie E. Guzetta´s poetic contemplation of where the investigation of the relationship between sound and the arising of various life forms might lead us in the future: "The forms of snowflakes and faces of flowers may take on their shape because they are responding to some sound in nature. Likewise, it is possible that crystals, plants, and human beings may be, in some way, music that has taken on visible form."

Interview link below about cymatics and how they apply to each of our lives .
with Jeff Volk for the Laura Lee show.


also see: http://ascension2000.com/ConvergenceIII%5Cc02-ltsndgeo.htm


BBC - 1Xtra - TX Documentaries - Globally addicted to bass


mexican military sees and records 11 ufos videos

mexican Department of Defense Acknowledges UFOs In Mexico ( pretty huge story, serious implications

numerous sightings over Iran recently

local connecticut man filmed some while in iran

glowing ufo in poland with pic

Insecure.Org - Nmap Free Security Scanner, Tools & Hacking resources

Dogs On Bass Arena - Home


SKC + Chris.SU - Live at Egal.Club, Eger /Hungary/ (2004.04.09.)

01. Chris.SU - Grim Reaper
02. Gridlock - Shallow
03. Matt-U + Jade - Got Lost
04. Trace + Tactile - In My Brain
05. Tactile - Dubwise
06. SKC + Chris.SU - Blastah
07. Ludacris - Move Bitch (SKC Bootleg) /rewound/
08. Kaos + Karl K + Jae Kennedy - Soul On Fire (Concord Dawn Remix)
09. Roni Size - Strictly Social (Nu:Tone Remix)
10. SKC - Soul On Fire
11. Mindscape - Easyline
12. DJ Motive - Don't Get It Twisted
13. SKC + Chris.SU - Struggle
14. Pendulum - Another Planet
15. SKC - Dominion
>>> Ed Rush + Optical - Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)
16. Keaton + Hive - Bring It On
17. Drumsound + Bassline Smith - Bandsaw
18. Concord Dawn feat. Tiki - Don't Tell Me
19. Silent Witness - Ringside
20. SKC + Chris.SU - Desert Siege
21. 50 Cent - P.I.M.P. (Bootleg)
22. Tactile - Recursor
23. Pendulum - Voyager /rewound/
24. SKC + Chris.SU - Crash
25. Cause 4 Concern - Trakker
26. Mindscape - Highway

SKC + Chris SU - Live at Egal Club Eger

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