1 Contour-Synapse / BluSaphir (dub)
2 Electrosoul System-Love Can Be Real / dub
3 Koop-Summer Sun (Carlito Vocal remix) / Stimulus
4 Electrosoul System-Downtown / dub
5 Electrosoul System-Think Twice / dub
6 Nu Tone-E Spresso / Chihuahua
7 Physics & Electrosoul System-Higher&Higher / Midnight Sun (dub)
8 Greg Packer & Shureshock-Wonderful Day part 2 / Phuturistic Blues
9 Electrosoul System-Come Closer / dub
10 Electrosoul System-Substance / DeFunked (dub)
11 Beat Konexion-Every Man (Physics remix) / BluSaphir (dub)

length : 54:25 43.6 MB


First JPEG Virus Posted To Usenet

Shawn writes "This could possibly be the worst viruses yet! Earlier this month Microsoft announced a problem in their GDI driver that processes the way JPEG images are displayed. Someone has finally posted an exploit to Usenet. Easynews, a premium Usenet provider, found the virus Sunday afternoon. Up-to-date information about how we found it and what it does is located at virus.txt. When this picture is viewed it installs remote management software (winvnc and radmin) and will connect to irc." from Slashdot


Long Trip for Psychedelic Drugs

Researchers who believe psychedelic drugs like ecstasy and mushrooms can help people with mental disorders are slowly getting federal agencies on board. By Kristen Philipkoski. story @ wired.com

editor note: I don't advocate random use of any drug without first consulting a shamen or medical doctor.


Cixelsyd's Hot Creamy Goodness 9/20/04

(username: user, password: password)

1. Break & Hydro – Deliverance
2. Teebee – Liquid Light 2004
3. Cause 4 Concern – Turn the Lights Down
4. Break – The Compass
5. Tactile – Helloween
6. The Upbeats – Slit
7. Plejik – Attrition (unsigned dub)
8. Raiden – Bare Knuckle Fight (C4C Remix)
9. D. Kay & Epsilon – Honey (D. Kay Remix)
10. Chris SU – Victory (Muffler Remix)
11. Amit – Pirates
12. Teebee – Vengeance
13. Silentkiller – Pornstar (unsigned dub)
14. The Upbeats – Fill Me In
15. Universal Project – Jackhammer (Vicious Circle Remix)
16. Resonant Evil – Nu Breed
17. Defiant & Abel – Crucify (unsigned dub—exclusive)
18. Universal Project—Encore
19. Cybin—No More Lies
20. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Hide The Tears (Remix)
21. Future Prophecies – Dreadlock
22. Dom & Kemal – Moulin Rouge (DSL, Karl K & Kaos Remix)
23. Basic Operations – White
24. Dom & Roland – Future Life
25. Loxy – Caution (D.Kay Remix)
26. Muffler – Ominous
27. Teebee – Corpse
28. Hive – Gemini
29. Echo – Out of Time


surface to air (sept. 7, 2004)

mix from surface to air monday, september 7, 2004

1. sinthetix: switchblade sisters
2. bulletproof, optiv, concord dawn: scorched earth
3. mayhem, kiko, and mecha: echelon
4. UFO!: my personal blackmail (kemal and rob data remix)
5. corrupt souls: autoerotica
6. ed rush and optical: bacteria
7. mayhem and impulse: chamber (mindscape VIP)
8. subhuman: 3 sixty
9. skc: delirious
10. noisia, milo, and prolix: timechaser
11. ed rush and optical: puerto rico
12. falcon: retro (noisia remix)
13. chris.su: sphere
14. konflict: the beckoning
15. noisia: vanishing point
16. kemal and rob data: hybrid
17. ed rush and optical: fixation
18. matrix, rymetyme, and fierce: light sleeper
19. pacific: surfacing
20. skc: broken
21. konflict: celesial

62min 54 sex

edub contact

Kasra Sep 04 studio mix

Marky & XRS - Dia Del Sol - Innerground Dub
High Contrast - Persistence Of Memory - Hospital
Dkay & Epsilon - Greater Love - Dub
AI - Switch On - Commercial Suicide
Pacific - Want You So Bad - Dub
MIST - Universe - Metalheadz
Cyantific - Output - Hospital Dub
Q Project - Living With Beaker - Hospital
Logisitics - Together VIP - Hospital Dub
St:Cal - Little Man - Soulr
Breakage - Staggered Dub - Critical Dub
Klute - Beware - Commercial Suicide
Juju - Nomad - Advanced Dub
Hidden Agenda - Rogue Soul - Creative Source


bitrate = 112
codec = MP3
channels = 2
samplerate = 44100
mp3_stereo_mode = joint stereo
164325359 samples @ 44100Hz
File size: 52 065 425 bytes


Ed Rush & Optical - Ess Mix 7th Feb 99

ed n oppy feb 7th 99

ethereal user guide


Virus writers focus on image bug


A critical weakness found in many Microsoft programs looks like it is about to be exploited by virus writers.


The Morphine Has Hit the Fan

Morphine is a plant (opium poppy)-derived alkaloid and one of the strongest known analgesic compounds. Studies from several laboratories have suggested that animal and human tissue or fluids contain trace amounts of morphine. Its origin in mammals has been believed to be of dietary origin. Here, we address the question of whether morphine is of endogenous origin or derived from exogenous sources. Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids present in human neuroblastoma cells (SH-SY5Y) and human pancreas carcinoma cells (DAN-G) were identified by GC/tandem MS (MS/MS) as norlaudanosoline (DAN-G), reticuline (DAN-G and SH-SY5Y), and morphine (10 nM, SH-SY5Y). The stereochemistry of reticuline was determined to be 1-(S). Growth of the SH-SY5Y cell line in the presence of 18O2 led to the [18O]-labeled morphine that had the molecular weight 4 mass units higher than if grown in 16O2, indicating the presence of two atoms of 18O per molecule of morphine. Growth of DAN-G cells in an 18O2 atmosphere yielded norlaudanosoline and (S)-reticuline, both labeled at only two of the four oxygen atoms. This result clearly demonstrates that all three alkaloids are of biosynthetic origin and suggests that norlaudanosoline and (S)-reticuline are endogenous precursors of morphine. Feeding of [ring-13C6]-tyramine, [1-13C, N-13CH3]-(S)-reticuline and [N-CD3]-thebaine to the neuroblastoma cells led each to the position-specific labeling of morphine, as established by GC/MS/MS. Without doubt, human cells can produce the alkaloid morphine. The studies presented here serve as a platform for the exploration of the function of "endogenous morphine" in the neurosciences and immunosciences.

story @ wired.com
Zhu-Mantione-Stefano ahead of print paper


Cain & Abel


Cain & Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems. It allows easy recovery of various kind of passwords by sniffing the network, cracking encrypted passwords using Dictionary, Brute-Force and Cryptanalysis attacks, decoding scrambled passwords, revealing password boxes, uncovering cached passwords and analyzing routing protocols. The program comes in two versions because of the differences and limitations of some API.

Version 2.5 is faster and contains a lot of new features like APR (Arp Poison Routing) which enables sniffing on switched LANs by hijacking IP traffic of multiple hosts at the same time. The sniffer can also analyze encrypted protocols such as SSH-1 and HTTPS if used with APR and a Man-in-the-middle situation. Cain also ships routing protocols authentication monitors and routes extractors, crackers for all common hashing algorithms and for other various specific authentications, password calculators (Cisco PIX Hashes, RSA SecurID Tokens), decoders (Access Databases, Base64, Cisco Type-7, Enterprise Manager, Dialup, Remote Desktop) and some utilities like the Cisco Config Downloader/Uploader, the SiD-Scanner, the LSA Secrets Dumper, the Protected Storage Passwords Viewer, the NT Hash-Dumper (works with Syskey enabled), the Abel Remote Console, the MAC Scanner, the Promiscuous-Mode Scanner, the Wireless Scanner and the TCP/UDP/ICMP Traceroute + DNS Resolver + Netmask Discovery + WHOIS resolver (extract informations from RIPE's Database).
However the program is still in beta and may contain bugs.

forgot you admin pass?

you need hands..
here is a good place to start:
forgot the administrator's password?

and I like this too:
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor


SSH - The Secure Shell: An overview

Nessus & NMAP Cheat Sheet

NMAP and Nessus require no introduction to the security community. Many security auditors have been using this combination for years. NMAP stands out from the other available port scanners for its efficiency and tweaking features.

Nessus takes over where NMAP leave off. NESSUS checks all open ports for various known protocols. Once the service running on the known port is determined, NESSUS then sends data to that service to exploit known security vulnerabilties.

To smartly and innovatively use both tools together, it is often required to remember the command prompt options for both the tools, thats where this cheatsheet comes handy!

This document is in PDF format


new pendulum mix

1) Phace - Implant
>>tease: Noisia, Mayhem & Pacific - Centepod [oBSEssions]
02) Calyx & Teebee - Cyclone [Moving Shadow]
03) ??? - ???
04) X-Plorer & Dee-Pulse - Sahara [oBSEssions]
05) Klute & Marcus Intalex - Make a Stand
06) Tetradin - Amgod (in @ 20 minutes)
07) Photek & Teebee - Mercury
08) Noisia - Monster [Subtitles]
09) Klute - Time For Change
10) Desimal - Zero Searcher
11) Phace - NOW! [Subtitles]
12) Ed Rush & Optical - Gasmask (remix) [Virus]
13) Klute - Traffico (Cause 4 Concern remix)
14) DJ Brain - Banghra Dub [ARMADA]
15) D-Bridge and Jenna G - Silent Wonder
16) Spherix - Clarity
17) D-Bridge and Fierce - Daylights
18) Seneca - Worm Tank (Mindscape remix)
19) Source Direct - Snake Style (Teebee Remix)
20) Corruptive Influence - Pankake
21) Polar - Untitled
22) Defiant - Lifeforms
23) Psidream & Resound - Time Goes By
24) Calyx - Tearing Us Apart
25) Teebee & Calyx - Follow The Leader
26) Pacific - Someone Else
27) Desimal - Sun Signal

Physe - Dark Inside Me (RXYLAB Rmx)

this is a rework of the original


Noisia - NauticRadio Sept 18 2004

01. Noisia - Cold Veins (Moving Shadow)
02. Noisia / Pacific - On Your Mind (unsigned)
03. Noisia / Mayhem - Untitled (Citrus)
04. Cause 4 Concern - Life Support (Metro)
05. Noisia / Mayhem / Pacific - Centepod (oBSEssions)
06. Teebee / Calyx - Cyclone (Moving Shadow)
07. Universal Project - Jackhammer (Vicious Circle rmx) (RH)
08. Noisia - Hubcap (Subtitles)
09. Noisia - Backdraft (Subtitles)
10. Calyx - Tearing Us Apart (Moving Shadow)
11. Xplorer and D-Pulse - Sahara (oBSEssions)
12. Phace - NOW (Subtitles)
13. Noisia - Believe (Moving Shadow)
14. Calyx - True Identity (Metalheadz)
15. Noisia - Vanishing Point (Shadow Law)
16. Phace - Brainwave (Subtitles)
17. Teebee / Calyx - Follow The Leader (Moving Shadow)
18. The Upbeats - Craven Raven (?)
19. Phace - Vitamin p (Subtitles)
20. Gridlok / Optiv - Panache (p 51)
21. Phace - Implant
22. Noisia - Block Control (Moving Shadow)
23. Gridlok / Calyx - Deadringer (?)
24. Noisia / Phace - Outsource (Subtitles)
25. Noisia - Monster (Subtitles)
26. Calyx - The Fix (?)
27. Noisia / Phace - Homeworld

For NOISIA bookings contact: bookings@noisia.nl

Cyb Orc - Exorcist

written & produced by Cyb Orc a.k.a Ghost & Methamorph

bitrate = 96
codec = MP3
channels = 1
samplerate = 44100
mp3_stereo_mode = mono
17223023 samples @ 44100Hz
File size: 4 681 728 bytes

Raiden - Mix Sept. 2004 for Banana Arena (128k,WMA9)


IE6 + XP SP2 Vulnerability

DJ Uisce - The Lone Wolf

01_Artificial Intelligence - Uprising :: VRECSUK001
02_Total Science - Hinge 'N' Bracket :: DFUNKD023
03_Q Project - Nation 2 Nation :: NHS74
04_Kiko & Rob F - Cloud Break :: HOSTILE006
05_Teebee - Liquid Light (Remix) :: SUBTITLESLP002
06_[genetix] - Structures :: BASIC004
07_Tactile - Spade :: AVA001
08_Controlled Substance - Droptone :: NVR002
09_Teebee - Vengeance :: SUBTITLESLP002
10_Konflict - Celestial :: RH26
11_Vector Burn - Plummet :: OHMOSR006
12_The Upbeats - Fill Me In :: BCP003
13_Teebee - Sick :: SUBTITLESLP002
14_Sinthetix - Liar :: TOV51
15_Mindscape - Highway :: DSCI4EP006
16_Teebee - Corpse :: SUBTITLESLP002
17_Spherix - Clarity :: DUB
18_Matrix, Fierce & Ryme Tyme - Light Sleeper :: C4CLTD004
19_Mindscape - Hideout :: DSCI4EP006
29_Cause 4 Concern - Life Support :: METRO014
21_The Upbeats - Slit :: BCP003
22_Kiko - Octane :: HOSTILE006
23_Break - Sonic Storm :: EAST59

Download Mp3 (192kbps - 102MB)
Download Cuesheet

Kid Kryptic - Audio Showcase

kid kryptic - [ unholy punishment ] - unreleased
kid kryptic - [ mental anguish v.i.p. ] - unreleased
dj knick - [ gut bucket (kid kryptic remix) ] - unreleased
kid kryptic - [ scornful behavior ] - unreleased
kid kryptic - [ north bound ] - magic vinyl *beatport exclusive*
dj g-i-s - [ back to the oldskool (kid kryptic remix) ] - unreleased
the enemy & kid kryptic - [ dripping with sin ] - forthcoming hardline rekordingz
nate dog & eve - [ get up (kryptic bootleg) ] - camo006
the enemy & kid kryptic - [ malice afterthought ] - killing sheep records
eastside boyz, busta rhymes, & elephant man - [ get low (kryptic bootleg) ] - unreleased
kid kryptic - [ eyukons maze ] - theoretic records
kid kryptic - [ torn inside ] - unreleased

- download - (12 tracks - 60min of audio 90 kbps)

bonus 320
eastside boyz, busta rhymes & elephant man - get low (kid kryptic bootleg) 320kbps

DJ Ninja September RTR Mix

DJ Ninja featuring MC's Coppa and new female recruit from South MC Karizma

More mixes and sets to come from the newest additions to the RTR Camp including DJ Sami 'dutty' Sanchez (BlackMarket) and DJ NV (One Nation)...



Johnny Ramone dies at 55

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Johnny Ramone, guitarist and co-founder of the seminal punk band The Ramones that influenced a generation of rockers, has died. He was 55.


asr valve event

asr valve event

Water Strider Robot

MIT researchers produce a tiny water-skimming robot prototype they think could monitor water supplies for toxins or skim contaminants off the top of water.

mixes etc

dj extreme - 1993 scud beatz
Xample & Sol Sept Mix
Fanu presents Repent Your Kl0wnst3p Sins

tarzan search for mozilla firefox

instinct 192mix

1 .AMIT - Lost Voices
2 .CHRIS.SU - Cranium rmx
3 .MINDSCAPE - Fast Line
4 .ASIDES - [?]
5 .TACTILE + CHRIS.SU - Paradise
6 .OPTICAL + FIERCE - Weapon
7 .MILITIA - Brainwash
8 .DEFCON 1 - Time is the Fire [Asides rmx]
9 .KLUTE - Acid Rain
10 .INSIDERS - Missile Command
11 .AMIT - Village Folk
12 .SINTHETIX - Cryogenic
13 .BREAK + HYDRO - Breathless
14 .DOM - Dance All Night [Calyx rmx]
15 .KAOS + KARL K + JAE KENNEDY - Soul On Fire [Concord Dawn rmx]
16 .CAUSE4CONCERN - Sensor
17 .REALITY - Step One
18 .KLUTE - We Are the Ones [VIP]
19 .DOM - I 4 An I
20 .CALYX - Fear This
21 .CAUSE4CONCERN - Seawolf
22 .KLUTE - Beware

Quality: 192kbps
Running Time: 1HR 10

Milo - Black Hawk Down VIP

bitrate = 96
codec = MP3
channels = 2
samplerate = 44100
mp3_stereo_mode = joint stereo
18915311 samples @ 44100Hz
File size: 5 139 644 bytes

Pair of Linux Holes Put Users at Risk

Linux users are at risk from serious security vulnerabilities in components used to view graphics and handle archives, according to researchers. The security holes, found in the imlib graphics library and the LHA archive tool, can be exploited via a specially crafted bitmap image or an LHarc-format archive to take over a Linux system.

Security Awareness Toolbox

'The methods that will most effectively minimize the ability of intruders to compromise information security are comprehensive user training and education. Enacting policies and procedures simply won't suffice. Even with oversight the policies and procedures may not be effective: my access to Motorola, Nokia, ATT, Sun depended upon the willingness of people to bypass policies and procedures that were in place for years before I compromised them successfully.'

Kevin Mitnick

'The Coming Third Wave of Internet Attacks: The first wave of attacks targeted the physical electronics. The second wave - syntactic attacks - targets the network's operating logic. The coming third wave of attacks - semantic attacks - will target data and it's meaning. This includes fake press releases, false rumors, manipulated databases. The most severe semantic attacks will be against automatic systems, such as intelligent agents, remote-control devices, etc., that rigidly accept input and have limited ability to evaluate. Semantic attacks are much harder to defend against because they target meaning rather than software flaws. They play on security flaws in people, not in systems. Always remember: amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people.'

Bruce Schneier


Fanu Sept MIX

1. The Unseen (Subtitles)
2. Ninja Chicks (Darkestral)
3. I Play It Cooler (Subtle Audio)
4. Are You Someones' Prayer? (Forestry Service)
5. Tears Of The Killer (Inperspective)
6. Two Drummers (Synaptic Plastic)
7. Actual Proof - Maybe We'll Stay (Fanu remix)
8. Something A Little More Radical (Disturbed Science)
9. Last Solo Before Dawn (Disturbed Science)
10. Siren Song (Subtitles)
11. Lightless (Inperspective)
12. Shogun remix (Subtitles)
13. Witchcraft (Thermal)

mixed by Fanu
running time 61 mins
128 kbps


Coffeepot SoulSeek Bot


On Modern Drum and Bass Websites

Drum and bass websites are to be found in great number. However quantity doesn't always indicate quality. Many atrocious websites offer little or no content. Better ones have everything from production guides, dnb community forums, streaming media, and downloads.

here are a few examples:


Meek August 2004 Mix

UFO! - Happy Sad NYC - Unsigned
Noisia - Cloud Shine - Fokuz LTD
Corrupt Souls - Skyclad - Armada
Glitch - Ejected - Unsigned?
Apparatus - Visual Matter - Unsigned?
Mayhem and Noisia - Untitled - Citrus
Kiko - Sabotage - SLR
Defiant - Visions - Unreleased
Glitch - Prana - Unsigned?
Noisia - Mindstorm - SLR LTD
Static & Rregula - The Sleeper - Kinematic
Pacific - Surfacing - SLR LTD
Static & Rregula - Elemental - Kinematic
Ewun - Interstellar Conveyence - Unreleased
Cativo & UFO! - Jet Black 96 - Unsigned
Evol Intent, Psidream, Mayhem - Assimilation - Evol Intent


Know Your Enemy

evil sumptin



my power and internet have been down due to the little storm

Paul Reset - September 04 mix

fairly varied selection - excuse the rather shady mix outta "Move Bitch" ...

"Be Mine" - Genesis (Renegade)
"Thousand Miles" - David Carbone ft Clari (Industry)
"Hinge n Bracket" - Total Science (Defunked)
"Falmouth" - Tactile (Function)
"Sunreal" - Tactile (Blindside)
"Mac 10 (Influx UK rmx)" - Holdtight (Renegade)
"Take Control (Nu:Tone rmx)" - Stress Level & TC1 (Renegade)
"Racing Green" - High Contrast (Hospital)
"Strictly Social (Nu:Tone rmx)" - Roni Size (Liquid V)
"Drowning (D Kay rmx)" - Mathematics (Social Studies)
"Rub a Dub" - Mathematics Vs Tactile (Social Studies)
"Vanishing Point" - Noisia (SLR)
"Life Support" - Cause 4 Concern (Metro)
"The Beholder (Chris SU rmx)" - Rob F & Kiko (Hostile)
"Insiders" - Black Sun Empire Vs Optiv (BSE)
"Another Place" - Pacific (Explicit)
"Gas Chamber" - Cause 4 Concern (C4C Ltd)
"Kingston Vampires" - Fresh & Pendulum (Breakbeat Kaos)
"Sick" - Teebee (Subtitles)
"Side Effects" - Kraken (Underfire)
"Cloud Break" - Kiko & Rob F (Hostile)
"Metal Fatigue" - Pyro (Nerve)
"Move Bitch" - Shout (Volume 2)
"Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy, Kaos & Karl K rmx)" - Kemal & Dom (Moving Shadow)
"Doorway (Gridlok & Echo rmx)" - Usual Suspects (Hardware)
"Collosus" - Fresh (Ram)
"Symphonics" - Dj SS (New Identity)
"Ashes to Ashes (Dillinja rmx)" - Faith No More (FFRR)
"Ital Lion Tuffhead" - Equinox (Intasound)
"Captain Freak" - Seba & Lenk (Secret Operations)

Paul Reset - September 04 mix 160kbps MP3 - 87mins 100MB


Hash Collision Q&A

Cryptography Research has received many inquiries about the hash collision attacks that were recently announced at the CRYPTO 2004 conference. This document attempts to address these questions.

Website offers Caller I.D. falsification service

Caller I.D. spoofing has for years been within the reach of businesses with certain types of digital connections to their local phone company, and more recently has become the plaything of hackers and pranksters exploiting permissive voice over IP systems. But Star38.com appears to be the first stab at turning Caller I.D. spoofing into a commercial venture. Jepson claims the service will charge a twenty-five cent connection fee for each call, and seven to fourteen cents per minute.

Shellcoding for Linux and Windows Tutorial

Shellcoding in its most literal sense, means writing code that will return a remote shell when executed

various sets

Last Therapy Sessions via Torrent
high contrast mix...incl. tracklist 300704
Marusha Live @ Groovalistic Garden / Nature One 30.07.2004

Tykal - As the Beat Grows On
Marky & Stamina MC @ Funky Kitchen 27th Aug 2004
The Definitive Stevie Hyper D Classic Sets Archive

Evol Intent Promo Mix

1. B Key & Loxy - Battle Scars - Technical Freaks LP
2. Evol Intent - Horns & Halos - Barcode Records
3. Universal Project - Jackhammer (Vicious Circle RMX) - Renegade Hardware
4. Gridlok & Kaos - Piston - Violence Recordings
5. Mayhem, Evol Intent & Psidream - Assimilation - Evol Intent Recordings
6. Dj Hidden & Slacknote - Where's the Score? (Evol Intent RMX) - Evol Intent Recordings
7. BT - Knowledge Of Self (Evol Intent RMX) - Undetermined
8. Spor - Farseer - Barcode Records
9. Ink - B Boy Convention (Spirit RMX) - Renegade Hardware
10. Dj Damage - Contract Killer (Evol Intent RMX) - Damaged Minds
11. Evol Intent - Red Soil - Outbreak Records
12. Technical Itch - Soldiers (Dylan & Robyn RMX) - Technical Freaks LP
13. Evol Intent - 7 Angels With 7 Plagues - Barcode Recordings
14. Pish Posh - Corrupt Cops (Evol Intent RMX) - Barcode Recordings
15. Future Cut - Ghetto Style (Evol Intent RMX) - Renegade Hardware
16. Mason - Ruff Rugged & Raw (Technical Itch RMX) - Freak
17. Exile - The Devils Chimney - Evol Intent Recordings
18. Evol Intent - Deathrow - Outbreak Records
19. Loxy - Caution (DKay RMX) - Renegade Hardware ltd.
20. Semisation - Technical itch - Technical Freaks LP

alternate link

Satellite Images

a few interesting images from ATL to Santorin...


nmap 3.70

Further Information

Open Source Vulnerability Database

OSVDB is an independent and open source database created by and for the community. Our goal is to provide accurate, detailed, current, and unbiased technical information.

Windows XP SP2: What to do when the Windows break

Learn about the problems that have been cropping up with Windows XP Service Pack 2, and get some solutions.